DCSD Audits

KPMG Forensic Accounting Audit
November 8, 2012
This report contains the results or our forensic accounting and investigative services for DeKalb County School District (DCSD or District) as outlined:

  • the movement of cash between specific funds,
  • the purchase order approval process,
  • SPLOST III activity,
  • Title I and II activity,
  • certain activity within the "Term Fee" account at Fidelity,
  • certain aspects of the DeKalp County 'Board of Education (Board) approved FYll budget
  • reductions, specifically those within the Central Office, and
  • disbursements from the $23,460,000 line of credit to purchase textbooks.

Curriculum And Instruction Audit

January 18, 2012
An evaluation of the curricula-based programs and professional development currently used in DeKalb County Schools. The Ed Planners team surveyed local schools and interviewed school-based and central office leadership. A major theme that emerged from this fact-finding process was a lack of coordination between schools and the central office, specifically the Curriculum and Instruction Division, in the selection and monitoring of programs aimed at improving student achievement. The chart below is a brief snapshot and summary of key findings and recommendations.

Organization Review, Salary Range and Related Reports (Karatan Report)
January 12, 2012
Salary Range, Position Specifications, and Organizational Restructure Findings and Recommendations.

Human Resources Audit Report
January 9, 2012
This study of DeKalb County Schools' human resources functions, services, organization, processes and staffing reveals certain opportunities to enhance services and to address key district goals and initiatives. Through interviews, review of documents, comparisons to other districts and benchmark data, a series of findings and recommendations are presented in this report.