• Cell Towers

    Cell towers are being reviewed by the county legal department.

  • Budget

    The monthly financial reports are, at best, a weak suggestion of how our money is being spent and, at worst, a document based on deception.

  • Dual Accreditation

    Dr. Morley and the Interim Superintendent were joined by Thad Mayfield in their opposition to GAC and the dual accreditation concept.  There was some voting confusion, but I think it passed 7-2.

  • Independent School Districts

    Should we create new city school districts?  Data shows that city school districts outperform state averages with the exception of Atlanta Public Schools.

  • TSA

    In 2009, the DeKalb County School District stopped payment on a retirement fund for district employees. Plaintiffs claim this was in direct violation of the contract the district agreed to and has resulted in a loss of millions of dollars for district employees.

  • Druid Hills Charter Cluster

    A special meeting was called to debate and vote on the Druid Hills Charter Cluster Petition. It is noteworthy that the administration didn’t present its findings or give a recommendation until the board meeting. Furthermore, the administration moved to hide the documents from the view of the public under client/attorney privileges. Even though the board attorney deemed the documents not covered under said privileges, I have not been able to obtain them.